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Meet Your Solutions Architect

DaKenya Douglas

Meet DaKenya Douglas MBA, personal and professional development coach, business strategist, and founder of DaKenya Douglas Consulting.


Known as the steward of efficiency, DaKenya has over 17 years of experience in the corporate world taking organizations from stuck and stagnant to growing and profitable.


Committed to breaking through bottlenecks, she’s propelled countless individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses beyond their potential and into their next level through her pinpointed, razor-sharp coaching style.


Having fast-tracked her career through multiple promotions from director to VP to SVP in fields ranging from finance to education and compliance, DaKenya has learned a thing or two about jumping over personal hurdles to reach success. Whether it was not having a degree early on, navigating the executive level suite as a woman, or being the only female or person of color in the room, her own career challenges have inspired her to spread her learnings through coaching and consulting.


Never limited or defined by a job description, DaKenya learned to cut away all the fluff and laser in on the necessary to find the clarity and cohesion needed to solve problems, achieve goals, and take massive action.

And she’s ready to do that for you, too!

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Whether you’re struggling with developing systems, processes, or policies, need guidance on the proper procedures for hiring and retaining staff, or are looking for a no-nonsense professional development coach who can help you break your personal glass ceiling, DaKenya Douglas Consulting can help.


We’ll design a clear-cut and concise initiative to transform your life, career, or business from struggling and stagnant to into excellence.


Our custom-tailored personal and business consulting services will help you:

  • Unlock your potential and accelerate your results

  • Untangle complicated systems, processes and procedures

  • Unearth solutions that save you time, money, and effort


Ready to move the needle? Schedule an appointment with us below:

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